Become an Approved Tutor

York Music Hub supports a register of Approved Tutors. There is no fee to be on the Approved Tutor register. All Approved Tutors are self-employed and set their own fees. Advice on fees is provided as recommended by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM).

 The Music Hub supports Approved Tutors as follows:

1. Ensuring quality in teaching and learning through lesson observations and qualification requirements;
2. Free DBS checks;
3. Free photo ID badge for working in schools;
4. Free access to CPD;
5. Approved Tutor listing on York Arts Education website;
6. Approved Tutor register circulated to all schools every term;
7. Bursaries are available for pupils who are looked after or are on free school meals (whether the pupil is taught in school or ‘privately’);
8. Free instrumental hire for all pupils receiving a bursary;
9. Financial support for Approved Tutors to give instrumental demos in schools (e.g. an assembly) – particularly for schools where instrumental uptake is poor;
10. Financial support for Approved Tutors to access CPD beyond the free programme provided by York Arts Education.

This service is supported by the Music Hub with no cost to individual tutors or schools.

Application Form

Qualifications: Please include a copy of any certificates. If none then you will be required to informally audition.:
Upload a copy of certificates:

Instrument(s) taught:
To what level are you comfortable teaching the above instrument(s)?:
Details of teaching styles and experience (include any testimonials/quotes as appropriate): Note this is for you to advertise your range of skills and experience, and will be copied to the website as it appears here.:
Upload a passport-style photo: