Memorandum of Understanding

A non-binding, non-exclusive agreement with a partner body. This sets out a statement of intent but does not commit either body to specific outcomes. 

Any programme level arrangements subsequently approved (using central Hub funds) will require an appropriate Partnership Agreement.

Purpose of Memorandum

The purpose of this Memorandum is to underpin the development of what is hoped will become a long-term partnership between York Music Hub and Partner. It therefore sets out matters of agreed principle and policy, reflecting the spirit of co-operation between York Music Hub and Partner but it is not intended to be legally binding.  York Music Hub and Partner may but are not obliged to enter into separate formal legally binding agreements in relation to their various joint activities, which will fully document the rights and obligations on each side.

Aims of the joint activity

York Music Hub Mission Statement:

  • To develop sustainable, high quality and diverse musical experiences providing first access and coherent progression paths for all children and young people in the City of York;
  • To enhance the education, life experiences and self-confidence of all children and young people through music;
  • To develop sustainable and innovative partnerships.

The York Music Hub aims to:

Deliver core and extension roles (as described in the National Plan for Music Education) as a minimum standard and develop innovative and flexible models of music education delivery to children and young people in York aged 0-18 (to 25 for SEND);

  • Extend and increase access to quality music participation;
  • Facilitate a network of music education providers;
  • Support the governance of the Music Hub;
  • Support the hub communication strategy;
  • Work together to ensure sustainability, capacity and efficiency;
  • Support workforce development;
  • Gather data to inform levels of participation, provision and quality, and to report back appropriately to funders;
  • Support music research and advocacy at local, regional and national levels;
  • Ensure the wellbeing, health and safety of participants and providers.

Agreements between York Music Hub and Partner

As noted in clause 1, any such future joint activities of York Music Hub and Partner will be, where appropriate, covered by appropriate legally binding agreements.  This will apply if any music hub funds are devolved and the Other Party becomes accountable for the use of these funds.

Principles of joint developments

York Music Hub and Partner agree to:

  1. ensure that strategic planning for all activities enables the parties to maximise the use of public funds and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort;
  2. ensure that all activity reflects the strengths of the parties, and where possible is complementary, drawing on their respective missions and corporate plans;
  3. take part in activities that are cost-effective and efficient in development and implementation, assure the standards and quality of provision, and provide complete, accurate and reliable information as required.

Hub Management

York Music Hub and Partner agree that the broader interests of the York Music Hub offer will be overseen by a democratically elected board of trustees.  The duty of this group is:

  • ensuring effective liaison between parties;
  • preserving the underpinning principles outlined here;
  • maintaining an overall perspective on developments initiated through this Memorandum.


The Partner shall be entitled to use the York music hub logo, but must not alter it in any way, including reshaping.

This Memorandum shall expire on March 31st 2020, but may be terminated earlier than that date at any time by either party upon the giving of one (1) month’s written notice to the other.

Nothing in this Memorandum is intended to or shall be deemed to establish an exclusive relationship between the parties or to restrict any activities that either party would otherwise be able to undertake. Nothing in this Memorandum is intended to or shall be deemed to establish any partnership or joint venture between the parties or constitute any party as an agent of the other party.

The terms of this Memorandum may be amended at any time by agreement in writing between the parties.

The parties irrevocably agree that this Memorandum and any disputes arising under or in any way connected with the subject matter or formation of this Memorandum shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. Each party submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales in relation to any disputes or other matters arising out of or in connection with this Memorandum.


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