Thomas Hudson

Thomas Hudson

Approved Tutor

Traditional Snare Drum and Drum Kit Tuition. Rudiments, sight reading, hand development, improvisation, Grade pieces and exams. Beats and Rhythms. I recommend that students master the snare drum at the same time as working on the full drum kit material. A player must strengthen the hands and wrists in order to master control of the sticks. This involves a fairly intense practice routine involving Rudiments, Reading and Playing exorcises. As with all instruments daily practice is required whenever possible. I have played drums for more than 20 years now and I can honestly say it is the best thing I ever decided to do. Even though it can seem hard at first all you need to do is just keep going and you will steadily begin to notice improvement. After just a year or two I was forming bands with school friends and making new friends through playing music. If you take the time and learn to play Drums to a high standard then like me you will be able to play many different styles of music and can enjoy playing live music for your entire life.


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