Katie Wood

Katie Wood

Approved Tutor

I believe in a very practical approach to teaching, always, with the aim of playing or singing in every lesson. It is so important that the pupil enjoys the music they are playing, whether it be solo pieces or duets. I believe that exams are motivational and inspiring and are a great way to prepare students for performance but I would never force anyone to pursue them. I have been teaching Saxophone, Singing Flute and Clarinet for nearly five years and have taught a wide variety of styles including Jazz, Opera, Classical, Folk, Musical Theatre and Contemporary. I achieved a first class degree in Music from the University of York and had most of my formal training in Singing and Saxophone, performing in ensembles, operas, orchestras and pit bands across all instruments. I am currently studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Music Education at the University of York. I find this is encouraging me to be a more flexible, resourceful teacher, which is helping me to achieve better results with my pupils. "Katie has an excellent balance of always pushing me forward and challenging me with my playing combined with a relaxed, approachable attitude that helps me learn from my mistakes and feel comfortable in lessons." Claire, 29 Saxophone Pupil


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