Karen Langtree

Karen Langtree

Approved Tutor

Karen is a musician, writer and composer. She writes musicals for schools and books for children. She has been a primary school teacher for over 15 years and in 2012 decided to become a private and peripatetic piano and singing teacher. She has over 40 pupils ranging from absolute beginner to grade 7 standard. Her pupils range in age from 6 to sixty something. She has qualifications up to Grade 7 in piano and grade 8 in singing. Karen loves to encourage creativity in her teaching, so includes improvisation and composition in her teaching. She also teaches theory to grade 5. Not everyone wants to do grades of course, so Karen is flexible in her teaching methods and develops a unique pathway of learning for each pupil. She hosts a concert once a year to include as many of her pupils as want to take part, and a summer barbecue and open mic. She also encourages other opportunities for her pupils to perform throughout the year.


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