Arthur Bird

Arthur Bird

Approved Tutor

I've been teaching for many years now and believe that practice is essential. I know that every pupil is different, and so always try to tailor my teaching to the individual by making sure they are enjoying the music they're learning, which in turn has a significant impact in the amount of practise they do . With my lessons I try to bring energy, and a fresh outlook to the learning experience. For those who wish to take grades, I have a 100% success rate when entering my pupils with The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and teach up to Grade 8. Along with teaching I have many years of experience performing live having spent 4 years touring the UK in theatre shows such as Vampires Rock, Bat the Symphony and Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom. I've also more recently played shows around the UK , Europe and Australia with the Pauper Kings, and have spent my fair share of time in recording studios, most notably in Nashville. I feel like having had these experiences they can now have a positive effect on my lessons, as I can share them, and they can perhaps motivate and inspire.


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