Al Morrison

Al Morrison

Approved Tutor


1993 to 1997	Leeds College of Music BA Hons
2003 to 2004	Trinity College of Music London Post Grad

Al started playing the guitar at age 16 and was influenced by Jazz and

Al won a full scholarship to study at the world famous Leeds College
of Music. He then attended Trinity college of Music in London on a
postgraduate course in Jazz Guitar.
Al has studied with noted Guitarist’s Mike Walker, Mike Outram, Dave
Cliff and Tom Lippicott (University of Miami)

Al plays guitar with his own 10 piece Blues Band  - the ‘Al Morrison
Blues Experience’. 
which has headlined at many Fesitvals and was nominated for a Jazz
Yorkshire award.
He is the guitarist in the Jaki Graham band plus has worked with Justin Timberlake, Roachford, Juliet Roberts, Chip Hawkes, Melanie Masson, Katrina and the Waves and tours with the New York Brass Band. Festival Appearances: Glastonbury (2016) (2017) Love Supreme (2017) Wilderness festival (2017) Cork Jazz Festival( 2016) (2017) Wigan Jazz festival (2017) Scarborough Jazz Festival (2017) Scarborough Blues Festival (2012) Rewind Festival Henley (2017) Burton Agnes Jazz Festival (2017) Cheltenham Jazz Festival (2004) Hull Jazz Festival (2005) (2011) (2017) Montreux Jazz Festival (1992) Bilbao Rock Festival (2011) York Jazz and Soul Festival (2012) Al can teach: Pop, Blues, Funk and Jazz styles. Modern Jazz harmony: The use of the melodic minor scale in Jazz, Blues and Funk music The use of diminished harmony in Jazz, Blues and Funk. Triadic pairs. II V I harmony and soloing concepts. Metronome practice. Comping ideas. 4 note drop2, drop3 voicings, ie Major 7th, Minor7th, Dom7th, Min7b5. Quartal harmony. Wes Montgomery chordal ideas. Bending techniques. Rhythmic Practice. Modern Blues Playing. Jazz Standard knowledge. Sight Reading. Pop Guitar techniques.


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