About York Music Hub

Who we are

York Music Hub is a strong, inclusive partnership of key providers of music education within the city of York.. Through our partnership of organisations and schools and wider musical networks, we set out to provide and sustain musical diversity and excellence and to enhance the education, life experience and self confidence of  children and young people through music making.

Through the Hub’s partnerships we are able to offer  opportunities to inspire, improve and positively enhance the lives of young people. Together our combined expertise will enable us to achieve our goals.

Funded by the Arts Council

We are funded by the Department of Education which is administered by Arts Council England as part of the National Plan for Music Education. (See Link) York Music Hub is one of hundreds of music education hubs working with more than a million children and young people learning a musical instrument.

Our mission in brief, is to:

  • Develop sustainable, high quality, diverse and accessible musical experiences to enable all children and young people in York to have at least some experience of making music, and the opportunity to develop their skills further if they wish to;
  • Enhance the education, life experiences and self-confidence of all children and young people through music within and beyond their school experience;
  • Foster a life-long love of music for all;
  • Work with partners in promoting a varied range of music opportunities for children and young people.

How we are governed

We are governed by Trustees that meets regularly to advise and oversee the work of the lead organisation in our partnership,  York Arts Education.

  • Patrick Scott (Chair)
  • Charlie Croft
  • Libby Raper
  • Patrick Kelly 
  • Laura Masheder

We also have an advisory panel of  over 15 individuals recruited from our stakeholders, including schools, music tutors and music organisations in the city. It’s their job to advise the Trustees on the best to reach our goals.

Working in partnership

Our partnership aims to create the very best opportunities for children and young people to get involved in music making. Our role is to ensure that routes exist for every child to take their music to the highest level they want to, (regardless of race, gender, background, educational need or disability). In order to do this we have groups and ensembles, some that are run by our lead organisation and others that we support externally.

Our wide range of ensembles showcase our talented young musicians, providing encouragement and invaluable experience for young people with high musical aspirations.

Some other things we do

We also offer continuing professional development (CPD) to music tutors and school staff, provide an instrument loan services and access to an extensive music library .